The role of Employment Services is to assist people with developmental disabilities prepare for, find, and keep employment throughout St. Charles County. If you are interested in working for Community Living, please visit our Careers page.

Employment Services assists individuals with disabilities throughout the lifespan of their career from research to retention. We aim to assist individuals in finding positions that align with their interests, goals, and skillset. Once employed, we provide on-the-job support for the life of an individual’s job.

Admission Criteria

Employment Services is open to individuals without regard to race, gender, age, ethnic origin, creed, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or ability to pay and who meet the following criteria:

  • 16 years of age or older
  • Resident of St. Charles County (if requesting retention services)
  • Referral from Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation funding, Rehabilitation Services for the Blind funding, Department of Mental Health or other funding sources
  • Free from severe maladaptive behaviors that are dangerous to self or others and/or infringe upon the rights of self or others
  • Able to be in a community setting without one-on-one supervision
  • Able to be employed without direct supervision
  • Able to participate in environments with non-medical personnel
  • Independence in basic self-care skills, e.g. self-medication administration, use of restroom, menses care. (Individual needs will be reviews for potential adaptations)
  • Desire to be employed and receive habilitation services
  • Reasonable expectation of being employed

For Potential Clients

Pre-Employment Services:

Through our B.E.S.T. (Building Employment Skills Training) program, Community Living, Inc. works with individuals who require additional assistance in reaching their full employment potential. The purpose of the B.E.S.T. program is to help equip individuals with important job and workplace skills and to develop the confidence needed to succeed in the workforce. This program is individualized and the area of focus varies from person to person.

Typically the skills worked on include: interpersonal skills such as communication, social awareness, teamwork, accepting criticism, and professional etiquette. Additional areas which are addressed include building stamina and increasing speed.

Employment Services:

Discovery & Exploration

Staff helps each individual create an employment roadmap by identifying their preferences, including potential job sites and preferred jobs. The information helps us identify employment opportunities available to the individual. Individuals also participate in an assessment process where they physically try positions of their interests to help us gather supporting data and documentation of viable employment options.

Job Development

We assist individuals in searching for the best possible job match based on skills, abilities, and interests. This also includes interview skills training, resume assistance, job application assistance, and job placement.

Job Supports

We provide on-the-job training to help individuals learn and perform their job duties. Job coaching is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is dependent upon the individual’s schedule.

Follow Along (Retention)

This allows for long-term on-the-job support for the life of the individual’s job.

For Employers

Well-trained and qualified workers that meet your employment needs!

  • Community Living’s Employment Services provides candidates with a full range of skills and abilities to meet your employment needs.
  • Employment Services’ professional staff provides training on the job at NO COST to you or your employee and will work with you and your employee for the duration of the job to ensure success.
  • Our aim is to fill jobs with capable and competent employees to ensure maximum satisfaction for both employers and employees.
  • Our employees and vocational staff are available to work in your business 24/7.

We work in many avenues of employment, including: assembly, clerical, retail, custodial/janitorial, food and laundry services to name a few.

Tax Credits
Some businesses may be eligible for a tax credit through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program (WOTC). Our staff can assist in completing WOTC paperwork. For more information, go to the United States Department of Labor.

Some of Our Current Employers:

“I wish I had ten more employees just like him.”

Shawn, Supervisor

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