SupportServicesForAdults3Our clients are always looking for new volunteer opportunities in the community or at the center.

  • For non-profits and service organizations
  • On-Site Volunteering
    • Lion’s club – Cleaning glasses
    • Shoes and Hope – Organizing donated shoes
    • Troupons –Collecting, clipping, sorting, bagging and mailing coupons to be used by military families
    • Library – Filling literacy bags
    • Renewed Treasures – Making sure donated items, such as puzzles, board games and books are complete, in order to be sold
    • Helping Hand Me Downs – Collecting, laundering, folding, and storing donated clothing for needy families
    • This is not an all-inclusive list


  • Off-Site Volunteering:
    • Meals on Wheels – Delivering meals to individuals
    • Libraries – Dusting/organizing shelves
    • Local Churches – Placing sharpened pencils and cards in the back of pews
    • Renewed Treasures – Working in the store
    • Local Fire Stations – Various tasks
    • Mail delivery to the DDRB, Regional Center St. Charles, and Community Living Administration Building
    • This is not an all-inclusive list of volunteer sites in the community