Adult Recreation participants, including Quentin, take a break from bowling to smile for a photo in front of the bowling lanes.

Quentin has been a part of Adult Recreation for a little over a year and participates in activities and outings a couple times a week. From movie and game nights to craft and sports events, he shared that he appreciates the opportunity to get out and just have a good time.

His enthusiasm really shines through when he talks about bowling with his friends. He looks forward to meeting up with the Adult Rec. crew every Thursday to catch up and knock down pins together. He even mentioned that he was getting his own blue, shiny ball soon because they were gearing up for an exciting bowling event. Quentin would soon be competing in his first bowling tournament, alongside his bowling friends. “Randy, Jeremy, Nathan, Jerry and Kevin are all my good friends,” he said. By hanging out at the bowling alley with Quentin and his crew for just one afternoon, you are able to see how genuine their friendships are. They share fist bumps and jokes and hype each other up as each of them step up to bowl. This is accompanied by a healthy dose of competitiveness too, of course.

When Quentin was asked about his favorite moments in Adult Rec. he said, “Having fun with friends honestly, and talking to new people.”

“Having fun with friends honestly and talking to new people.”

Through a variety of activities and outings, participants like Quentin have found an inclusive and welcoming place to have fun in their free time. They have a chance to try new hobbies, socialize with new people, and create lasting memories. Lauren S. has been the Adult Rec. Coordinator for 6 years now and she said, “I love this job so much I never left.” The connections she has made and witnessed have a lot to do with it. She said, “Our members and staff have the amazing and unique ability to make connections and friendships everywhere we go. Our members are some of the most kind-hearted, happy individuals that I have ever met. Any new person they meet is an instant friend, whether it be someone working at the facility we are at or just a stranger on the way in, they bring smiles everywhere they go.” Quentin is included in this kind crew, and his positive energy doesn’t go unnoticed. Lauren said, “He walks in with a huge smile and gives a fist bump, then moves on to greet all his friends that are on the event. Watching him come out of his shell has been awesome.”

“Watching him come out of his shell has been awesome.”

Lauren also talked about how the program gives participants an opportunity to experience new things in a way that encourages independence, while having a great time. “I think that any of our activities can be an opportunity that a participant may not have access to without our program. I was told by a former staff and friend when I first started working for Adult Rec. that Wednesday or Thursday bowling may be the only thing that individual does for that entire week or month. That really stuck with me.” For that very reason, the team is dedicated to planning successful and fun events. “We want their experience on that event to be the very best it can be because it might be the only thing they are going to do outside of their normal routine.”