Will and some of the Young Adult Center crew pose for a photo in the Cardinal's stadium while they volunteer and collect recyclables from fans.

Today, we’re thrilled to highlight one of our amazing staff members, Will, who recently celebrated his fifth anniversary with us. Will’s journey with Community Living Inc. shows his commitment and passion for what he does. Not only is he an awesome teammate, but Will brings fun, positive energy to work with our clients every day.

“I just celebrated my 5 years at Community Living!” Will says. Will’s connection to the organization started with family. “My mom had gotten a job here, and I had always heard about Community Living from people at school that we helped out with,” Will shares. “Even in school, I was always dying to help out, so I figured this would be perfect.”

Will reflected on his experiences with Community Living Inc. that led him to his current role as a DSP at the Young Adult Program (YAP). “I’ve been just about everywhere,” he says. “I started at Summer Camp, went to Teen Club after that, worked at Residential, and now I’m in Support Services for Adults! I loved every step of the way and worked with some amazing staff and individuals.” One of the most rewarding aspects of Will’s job is seeing the progress our clients make. “I’m most excited about seeing the progress our friends have made,” he says. “At the YAP they have already grown so much individually and also as a group, working together to better each other. It’s really remarkable to see how much passion they have and how much our friends want to succeed.”

Will has fun customizing the curriculum he helps teach at the YAP and finds it very rewarding to see the direct impact it is making. “I love being able to teach things but put a fun spin to it,” he says. “It’s more laid back and allows the individuals to ask questions and really understand the content. It’s also really cool to see the individuals use the things we teach about.”

Will finds his motivation in the clients he works with. “The thing that motivates me the most is the clients. If they still push through their challenging days and come to the center with hopes of doing good things, I can too. They give all the motivation you could need.” One of Will’s favorite memories is volunteering at the Cardinal’s game. “The clients and staff go to the baseball game and collect recycling, and you get to watch the game for free! The guys we took enjoyed it so much and did not let the work they had to do deter them from having fun.”

When he’s not working, Will enjoys relaxing with hobbies like golf and fishing. “I spend time with my friends as much as I can and love hanging with my family, playing card games, and watching different shows.”

Will has some heartfelt advice for new Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). “Enjoy it! We get to do so many different, fun and exciting things with the clients and seeing them thrive and enjoy life is such a cool feeling.”

Will’s positive attitude and dedication make him a true asset to Community Living Inc. Thank you, Will, for being such an amazing role model and team player!

“The thing that motivates me the most is the clients.

They give all the motivation you could need.”