Christy and program participant Bill smiling at the camera

Community Living is proud to announce that Christy Weber has joined our Board of Directors!

She is the Director of Development and Engagement at Community Council of St. Charles County, and has been working in the nonprofit field since 2014. She says she took the “scenic route” to get to where she is today.

Christy started a volunteer run nonprofit called Shoes & Hope that collected used shoes to support clean water development in Central America. It wasn’t long before she needed more helping hands with the project. “The shoes were taking over our basement and garage and we couldn’t keep up with sorting them,” she said. Through her 2016 Vision Leadership class, she met JoAnn Burpo, the director of Support Services for Adults at the time, who had a solution in mind. She recognized that sorting shoes would be a perfect opportunity for the SSA program since one of the pillar’s of the program is volunteerism. For five years, Christy and her husband visited each center weekly, making connections over collected shoes. One of the fondest friendships she formed was with Bill, a participant at the Mahon Center, who appears in the photo with Christy at the top of the page. “Community Living has brought lots of joy to my life that I didn’t know I was missing,” she says.

“Community Living has brought lots of joy to my life that I didn’t know I was missing.”

Although Shoes & Hope stopped collecting shoes at the end of 2020, Christy is reconnecting with Community Living in a new capacity by serving on the Board of Directors. She says she’s honored to serve and is looking forward to having a closer view of Community Living’s work beyond events like Legacy Ball, Swing Fore Kids Golf Tournament, and Tosstoberfest. “One of the values that is most important to me is working with an organization that is truly focused on the clients, even when it brings tough conversations and big shifts that may not always be popular,” she said.  “I have seen that time and again with Community Living and especially with the recent transition of the Residential Services to Emmaus Homes.”

When she’s not hard at work or volunteering, she’s focused on her “fave 5:” faith, family, Christian music concerts, the St. Louis Blues, and Dr. Pepper. She’s been on 26 mission trips, has been skydiving, and has run a marathon. We’re thrilled that Christy has chosen Community Living’s Board of Directors as her next adventure!