Residential Program Transition

The Residential Services program at Community Living, Inc. has transitioned to Emmaus Homes. Emmaus has provided residential services to adults with developmental disabilities for more than 130 years, putting them in a position to allow residents access to enhanced resources for better outcomes, while allowing Community Living, Inc. to respond to the growing needs from our community related to our other services. This is a win-win for both organizations.

The executive leadership teams at both organizations crafted a plan to ensure a smooth transition of residential services from Community Living to Emmaus. The transition includes all clients in all homes in the community along with approximately one hundred residential staff who serve them. All of the program’s staff were given an offer of employment from Emmaus Homes and all residents who are enrolled in other services offered by Community Living will continue to attend as usual, meaning the transition offered as little disturbance as possible to the daily routines and personal relationships clients have built with their staff over the years.

The transition does not impact other services offered by Community Living. We will continue to offer services in the areas of Employment, Recreation, Respite, and Support Services for Adults which includes the newly established Young Adult Center. We are excited to see how this transition allows us to innovate and expand these programs, true to our mission.

We are excited to share the news about the successful transition of our Residential Services program to Emmaus Homes! After months of collaboration, we’re confident in this positive outcome. We extend our best wishes to all the residents, families, loved ones, and dedicated staff. Community Living remains committed to delivering innovative services and opportunities for individuals with disabilities in our community, across all our programs.

– Sheri Wiltse, Community Living Inc. President and CEO

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Community Living, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to enrich the lives of people with disabilities so they can achieve their highest potential. We do this by providing children and adults with services and programs to allow them to live, learn and work in our community. In turn, they make our community inclusive, diverse and a better place to live.