October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month! Community Living’s Employment Services program assists individuals with disabilities throughout the lifespan of their career from research to retention. 

Danni is in the job development phase of work with Employment Services at Community Living. Right now, she’s working with Dory, the Assistant Director of the program, to find a job that fits her skills and interests. Together they review her resume, search for job postings, and prepare for interviews. 

“My dream job would be working with children in a school setting.”

Danni is looking for a role with kids or kids with disabilities. “My dream job would be working with children in a school setting,” she said. Dory agrees a job with kids would be a fantastic fit for Danni. “Danni loves kids and is great with them,” she said. “She is a mentor, and an advocate for herself and others.” Danni has oodles of experience working with kids. She worked for Variety the Children’s Charity for nearly 20 years in multiple roles including camp counselor, music specialist, and art specialist.  She’s also done similar work with an elderly population as a Life Enrichment Manager at a nursing home. 

In addition to her people-skills, Danni is great with technology. She’s also determined, helpful, and self-motivated, according to Dory. Danni describes herself as personable, happy and a good role model and leader. 

Danni is determined to find and land the position of her dreams. “I like that Danni has a fire in her and she is willing to do anything she can to better her chances of getting a job that she loves and is interested in.” 

If you have the perfect job for Danni, please reach out to her at danni.doran@yahoo.com with details and instructions for applying.