Kylee working on a drawing

If you need a movie trivia teammate or some creative inspiration, look no further than Kylee! Kylee has been attending the Kenny Wilson Center since she graduated from Holt High School in 2018. She said the staff at the Wilson Center are “very nice and very extremely helpful.” She likes working on volunteer jobs like clipping coupons for soldiers, cutting plastic bags for recycled mats for the homeless, and making cat toys for S.N.U.G.G.L.E. with her friends Bill and Kaila at the Center, but her true passions are movies and art.

Kylee can quote just about any movie. Her favorite genre is romantic movies. “I love the part where they fall in love,” she said, but her favorite movie ever is Kubo and the Two Strings, a stop-motion animated action movie from 2016. “She can quote many movies and is knowledgeable in a lot of different areas,” said Gerry, the manager of the Wilson Center.

“Kylee is a talented artist and writer.”

Kylee is also a talented artist. One of her favorite volunteer activities is working with Card Care Connection, another nonprofit organization that delivers sympathetic messages and motivational cards to people facing cancer. She works with the Wilson Center’s other participants in the back room, which she calls the “fun room,” to create and decorate homemade cards to donate to the organization. She likes picking out the designs and colors of each card. Kylee also draws free-hand just for fun during her breaks. She sketches things out using pencil first, then adds color with crayons.  She says she doesn’t have a favorite subject to draw, but can draw “just about anything.” Gerry says “Kylee is a talented artist and writer.”

Kylee also enjoys celebrating different holidays at the Wilson Center. She talked about the creative food spread the Center had to celebrate the 4th of July recently. The Center had a water balloon fight, did party poppers, and had a mini dance party. They also had a festive red, white and blue cake with strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream for snack.

When she’s not at the Wilson Center, Kylee enjoys watching movies, playing her Nintendo DS, and spending time with her two sisters and her Dalmatian-Labrador Retriever mix Chevy.