WomensHome2_SecondaryThe entry into Residential Services is determined after the following criteria has been met:

  • An opening exists or expansion of the program has been agreed upon.
  • Funding has been secured for residential habilitation and a “start date” has been agreed upon by all participating parties.
  • Funding has been secured for room and board, if applicable, or the participant has agreed to meet the room and board expenses and has been determined to be capable of meeting these expenses.
  • Compatibility with existing housemates has been established, if applicable.
  • All participating parties have agreed upon the supports and services to be provided.
  • Adequate staff are available and are well trained to provide the supports and services.
  • Any other related necessary supports and services are in place, e.g. transportation, adaptations to the home, etc.

Each application for services is handled individually, as received. Applications are pursued concurrently, and order of acceptance depends upon completion of the above criteria. The Director of Residential Services and/or designee makes the final decisions for acceptance to receive residential services.

Participants exit the program upon meeting any of the following:

  • Voluntarily leaving the program.
  • No longer meeting the admission criteria: resident of St. Charles County, diagnosis of developmental disability, able to benefit from participation in the program, able to participate in an environment with non-medical personnel, free from challenging behaviors that are dangerous to self or others and/or infringe upon the rights of self or others, compatible with existing housemates, if applicable
  • Team decision to terminate participation in the program.