Sisters, Kim and Marissa smiling and sitting in stadium seats at a St. Louis Cardinals game.

As we celebrate Volunteer Week, we want to express how thankful we are for our amazing volunteers and highlight the invaluable contributions they make to our organization and the community.

Marissa Reed’s journey volunteering with Community Living, Inc. began in the spring of 2022. She was very familiar with the organization because her sister Kim has participated in the Adult Recreation program for several years. Adult Recreation provides pre-planned, supported recreation opportunities. Each event is supervised by the program’s staff and volunteers.

“I’ve witnessed the tremendous positive impact & sense of belonging this organization has given Kim & wanted to give back a small sliver of what they’ve given my sister & family!”

Kim is also excited about Marissa volunteering and told her, “I love it when you are with me at Community Living!” Marissa said she enjoys the events and activities that she gets to be a part of. From craft nights to sporting events like the Rascals game, Marissa has fun at the outings with everyone. “Building relationships with the members is my favorite part. I love seeing some of the same faces week after week and the members being equally excited to see me too!”

One specific memory that stands out for Marissa is meeting a new member who was initially shy and nervous at her first event. Marissa took the time to talk with her and make her feel comfortable. By the end of the event, she was chatting with others and making new friends.

“I continued to see her at more events after that & it was amazing to witness her come out of her shell! This is what Community Living is all about!”

Marissa’s kindness, support and dedication to making a difference highlights the spirit of Volunteer Week. Thank you to Marissa and all the volunteers who have contributed to the success of our mission.

If you are interested in volunteering with Community Living, Inc., there are a variety of opportunities to get involved. Click the link below to learn more.