Maddie and her mom sit together and smile

Meet Maddie, a vibrant member of Community Living Inc., as she embarks on an exciting, new chapter at the Young Adult Center (YAC). The YAC is a new program that offers specialized curriculum and opportunities to meet the needs and interests of young adults with disabilities who desire more time to decide upon a future path. It gives young adults the chance to explore and prepare for pre-employment, competitive employment, supported employment, or traditional day habilitation. We caught up with Maddie and her mom, Amy, to chat about their journey with Community Living and their anticipation for the adventures ahead at the YAC.

Amy discovered Community Living through recommendations from Maddie’s case worker and other parents. Starting with In-Home Respite Services in 2013, Maddie quickly immersed herself in SOAR Summer Camps, Break Camps and Teen Club. “The staff, the environment, it was just a perfect fit for her,” said Amy.

As Maddie transitioned out of high school, the family explored adult day programs. Community Living was an easy choice because of Maddie’s positive experiences. Amy highlighted how smooth the transition was to the Support Services for Adults program at the Jack Boschert Center. It is important that Maddie is a part of a program that allows her to have meaningful days, so Amy was excited that the Boschert Center and now the YAC will encourage her to learn new skills, be involved in the community, and participate in a variety of volunteer work.

Amy emphasized the impact that she thinks the YAC will have on the community. “I don’t think that there is anything like the YAC, that we have found anyway. I think it gives the opportunity to get the young adults out into the community and to meet people and connect with businesses. I think it’s a win for both.”

The family looks forward to the YAC’s curriculum focused on self-awareness, independence, and personal development. Amy expressed enthusiasm for the emphasis on daily living skills, nutrition and hygiene. “I really think it’ll help develop the self-confidence and self-awareness in the young adults, which will be a benefit for their family as well,” Amy shared.

Maddie is excited about the transition to the YAC and finds comfort in knowing that she has some friends and support staff joining her from the Boschert Center. She is eager for dance parties, new volunteer opportunities, and engaging in community activities at the center. “I already know half the people. I know Taylor, Jenn and Maria. I know they love me, and I know they’re very nice, so I won’t feel as nervous,” Maddie shared.

Maddie and her family are feeling optimistic about this new chapter, filled with experiences, friendships, and continued personal development.

” The staff, the environment, it was just a perfect fit for her.”