Have you ever seen someone fundraising on Facebook and wondered how they set it up? It’s easier than you might think. Here’s how you can create a Facebook fundraiser for Community Living:

Decide How Much You Hope to Raise

You can make your goal as small or as large as you’d like. Your friends, family, and followers will like to see their donation making a difference, so be sure to keep it aspirational, but attainable. Donating $10 toward a goal of $100 gives you the “warm fuzzies” that donating $10 toward a goal of $10,000 just doesn’t.

Facebook covers operating costs so 100% of what is donated comes directly to us.

Decide When You Want to Run Your Fundraiser

Many people choose to run a Facebook fundraiser around their birthday. That’s a great idea! #GivingTuesday, New Year’s Day, tax return season, and “national holidays” like National Fundraising Day (November 15), National Nonprofit Day (August 17), or National Disability Day (December 3) are also awesome options. You can also personalize your campaign by honoring a loved one on a day that’s special to them. Really, there’s no wrong time to make a difference.

We recommend running your fundraiser for about two weeks. This gives people the opportunity to see, share, and donate without it being too repetitive in their newsfeeds.

Follow the Prompts

Facebook will ask you for details like how much you plan to raise and how long you want to run your fundraiser. It’ll also ask you why you’re raising money. Your reply to this question will appear in the post you’ll share announcing your fundraiser. To help your fundraiser succeed, consider including one or more of these in your response:

  • Tell people about why you’ve chosen to fundraise for Community Living.
  • Challenge your followers the option to donate or share the post, or both!

You can also inspire donations by stating that you’ll match whatever is earned by a certain day before your fundraiser ends.

Create a Reminder

About halfway through your campaign, let people know that time to donate is running out. If they’ve forgotten to give, now is their chance before the fundraiser ends!