1. What is In-Home Respite?

Respite Services at Community Living serves people with disabilities in St. Charles County, Missouri through three unique programs. One of those programs is In-Home Respite, commonly referred to as IHR. IHR was designed to provide families with a temporary break from the day-to-day care of their loved one with a developmental disability. In this program, providers meet participants in their homes.

2. What’s the Difference Between a Public and Private Provider?

Public providers agree to put their name and phone number on a list for families in the program. Families seeking respite can contact and interview providers on this list. Public providers can serve as many or as few families as they like.

Private providers, on the other hand, work exclusively for certain families they choose. For example, someone might be willing to provide respite for a neighbor but does not want to be contacted by other families. Private provider information is not shared on the public provider list.

3. Why Should I be an In-Home Respite Provider?

There are many reasons to consider becoming an IHR Provider!

Negotiate Pay

IHR Providers set their own hourly rates. You can negotiate with families based on your level of experience, training, travel time, and more.

Work Flexible Hours

You can pick up as many or as few hours as you like, depending on the schedule of the families for which you provide services. You’re also free to set the schedule that works for you. Some families like to schedule respite so they can have evening date nights. Others may request respite in the mornings while they run errands. The shifts you fill are up to you!

Make a Difference

Each provider gives families a chance to live their best lives. Even a small amount of respite time makes a big impact!

4. What’s the Difference Between an Employee and an IHR Provider?

Respite Providers are independent contractors for the family. In-Home Respite providers are not considered employees of Community Living, Inc., and therefore the agency holds no liability or tax obligations to them. While providers may have training and certifications similar to staff, Community Living does not offer or require them for IHR Providers. 

5. How Do I Start?

If you’d like to begin working as an In-Home Respite Provider, simply fill out the registration packet. We’ll run your background check. If you pass, you’ll be added to the public list. It’s that easy!

Have questions? Contact our In-Home Respite Program Manager, William Tappmeyer! wtappmeyer@communitylivingmo.org | (636) 614-1324