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Danny has been a Direct Support Professional in Community Living’s Residential program for around three years. He primarily works with the men who live in the Howell Road House, but works as a sub in other houses and enjoys being able to meet new people and help out where he can. “He helps out a lot!” said Ashley, a manager from another house Danny works in occasionally.

He says the men who live at Howell Road are really into sports. They like to go to Cardinals baseball games and picked up the bat and ball to play in a Saturday league over the summer, too. The group is also into bowling and getting out to shop. They like to visit the mall and find bargains at Goodwill.

“Seeing that I can help change somebody’s life and motivate them and push them in whatever they choose to do is cool for me.”

Danny says the thing that drove him to first apply to work as a DSP is his desire to help people. “Seeing that I can help change somebody’s life and motivate them and push them in whatever they choose to do is cool for me,” he said. He also recognizes the impact the individuals have had on him. “They’ve changed my life,” he says.

Outside of Community Living, Danny has also turned his love of music into another career. He also works as a professional audio recording engineer and music producer. One of the albums he worked on had a song that played on the radio and has over 80 million YouTube views! Even with his success, he says “It’s boring compared to this,” referring to his time spent at the Howell Road House. “Here I get to move around. There I’m stuck in front of a computer for ten hours a day.” Danny says every day spent working in Residential is something new and you never know what a shift will bring, but he likes that aspect of the job.

Aside from it being fun, Danny appreciates the importance of his role in the lives of the people he works for. “Every day these individuals and even your coworkers are expecting to see you,” he says. “Everybody depends on you. That’s why you’re on the schedule.” Danny’s advice for anyone considering becoming a DSP is to make sure you’re passionate about the role.

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