Angelique posing with her hand on her hip

Angelique got her start working with people with disabilities she moved to Texas to help her cousin care for his son with Autism. While living there, she found a job working in a residential program and soon transferred to their day program similar to Community Living’s Support Services for Adults. When she returned to Missouri in 2016, she took a job at a preschool but knew she wanted to return to working with people with disabilities.

Angelique joined Community Living’s SSA team as a Direct Support Professional at the Kenny Wilson Center shortly before COVID hit. In the height of the pandemic, she helped fill hours by subbing in the Residential program. This year she transferred over to the Marian Lonning Center and is enjoying getting to know new people. Angelique says the participants she works with are her favorite part of her role. “They have a special place in my heart, each and every one of them.”

One of her favorite memories of her time at Community Living is visiting Dickherber Farms with a small group of participants from the Wilson Center. When they got to the petting zoo portion of the farm, she remembers one of the participants was hesitant to be in an area where animals were roaming free all around him, but he followed her lead and knew it would be okay. “He trusted me not to put him in a bad situation,” she said.

“They have a special place in my heart, each and every one of them.”

Between work and her kids, Angelique stays busy. She’s raising four school-age children and loves spending time with her family. She does their hair and says they like just laughing and joking and listening to music together. Don’t let her relaxing downtime fool you, though. She’s also game for an adrenaline rush every now and then. “I’m a thrill seeker,” she said. “I like anything exciting.” One exciting thrill she’s looking forward to is accelerating her career. “This is home,” she said about the Lonning Center, but said becoming a Center Manager is a goal she wants to keep in mind and work toward in the future.