Karinne smiling wearing a Joann apron and standing in an aisle full of thread

When Karinne was ready to start looking for a job, she worked with Community Living’s Employment Services program to get started. Karinne started in B.E.S.T. (Building Employment Skills Training) gaining the skills and confidence she’d need as she prepared to enter the workforce. Karinne did her training at Goodwill where she helped stock and sort books. “Karinne always happily does her best. She is a great success and should be proud of her achievements,” said Pam, her Vocational Case Manager for B.E.S.T. When she was ready to take the next step, Karinne got to work with another one of Employment Services’ staff members to determine what kind of work she’d like to do and if there were any jobs she was interested in applying for.

Karinne is also a member of Adult Recreation at Community Living and always signs up for the arts and crafts events. At the events and at home, she says painting, drawing and coloring are some of her favorite things to do. When she saw there was a part-time opening at JOANN Fabric and Crafts, she knew the role would be great for her! She typically works on Tuesdays as a stocker. She rotates throughout the store, filling the shelves with things like toys, puzzles and thread. Karinne said she has the most fun stocking the bakery aisles. “My favorite part of my job is stocking and helping people,” she said. “There’s friendly people and nice customers.”

“My favorite part of my job is helping people.”

Dory, the Assistant Director of Employment Services stops by to visit Karinne at work a couple of times each month to make sure she’s happy in her role and that her managers are happy with her work. “Karinne loves her job and always has a smile on her face,” she said. “She is eager to assist customers and if she does not know something, she always asks for help. She is a hard worker and I have only heard positive praises from coworkers and management.”

Karinne has been at her job for five months now. “Karinne was one of the first clients I met when I first started in Employment, and I have gotten to see her go through all the programs and continue to see her grow in her position,” Dory said.

If you’re stopping by to shop, you might find Karinne in the aisles with a different hairstyle next month. She’s planning to dye her hair bright blue for her upcoming birthday.