Community Living relies on the generous support from our amazing sponsors and donors. We’re excited to shine a spotlight on our Annual Premier Partner, Gateway Fire Protection Systems Inc. In this feature we will share some insights from Eric and Natalie Hoffman, key figures at Gateway Fire Protection, and offer a glimpse into this incredible collaboration that has been positively impacting our community.

Overview of Gateway Fire Protection Systems Inc.:

Gateway Fire Protection Systems Inc. is not your typical fire sprinkler company. They’re on a mission to protect life and property. They offer top-notch services, from fire sprinkler system installation to inspections, maintenance, and even 24-hour emergency assistance.

What Sets Gateway Fire Protection Systems Apart:

According to Eric and Natalie, it’s all about experience, quality, and commitment. Their team’s wealth of experience, the high quality of their work, and an unwavering commitment to meeting customer needs, whether day or night, truly set them apart in the industry.

How the Connection with Community Living Inc. Began:

Natalie shared, “Community Living has been an important organization for my family, especially my brother Chris. The organization has meant so much to us, as it has provided a perfect outlet for Chris to socialize, feel independent, and to have success participating in sports and other events outside of our family and work. He’s developed great friendships, had the opportunity to feel very proud of himself for his participation in certain activities, and had a feeling of normalcy because of these experiences.”

Family Ties and Influences on the Annual Partnership:

Natalie’s family has deep connections with Community Living Inc. In addition to her brother Chris participating in activities, her parents have volunteered and served on the board for years. Natalie shared, “As a result of their involvement, I’m aware of the people that work for Community Living and the volunteers that give their time to this organization. The hard work, dedication, and support that the staff gives to those participating in the programs is astonishing. It most certainly takes a person who is patient, kind, supportive, and open to creating a strong rapport with those in the program.”

Choosing Community Living Inc. as an Annual Partner:

Gateway Fire Protection Systems Inc. chooses to support organizations that focus on helping those in need, particularly those who are often underrepresented. They recognize the unique services Community Living provides and aim to contribute to the growth and continuation of these impactful initiatives. “The population of people with disabilities has benefitted greatly from this organization and we’d like to see that continue in the years to come.”

Success Stories from the Collaboration:

Natalie shared a success story from her own family: “Chris has shown personal growth through his continued participation in the activities offered.” From putting social events on his calendar to feeling a sense of responsibility, Chris’s positive experience highlights the life-enriching impact of this collaboration.

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Gateway Fire Protection Systems Inc. for their unwavering support. We’re excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and the positive impact we can create together.

Become a Community Living Inc. Annual Partner in 2024:

If you or your company are ready to make a difference, consider becoming an Annual Partner with Community Living Inc. in 2024. Your partnership not only comes with marketing and sponsorship benefits but also allows you to reach an audience appreciative of your civic engagement. Most importantly, you’ll be enriching the lives of nearly 1,000 individuals with disabilities, helping them achieve their highest potential.

Remember, enrollment is open through January 31, 2024. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a lasting impact in our community! And for those in Missouri, you might be eligible to take advantage of NAP Tax Credits to support Community Living, while potentially paying less in state income tax.

Join us in creating a community where ALL people lead fulfilling lives!