group of golfers doing a silly pose

When it comes to a day at the golf course, the people you’re playing with can make or break the experience. Here are our suggestions for stacking your team for success.

The Social Butterfly

You definitely want a teammate who’s going to bring the fun on tournament day. This person is full of positive energy, keeps the game lively, and ensures the rest of the team doesn’t let the pressure of the par go to everyone’s head.

The Ringer

Some people play for fun. Some people play to win. Even if you lean toward the former, it doesn’t hurt to have an expert on your side. This person is no stranger to the golf course and can give pointers to the rest of the team throughout the day.

The Advocate

This person is especially important if you’re playing a fundraiser tournament. At the end of the day, bringing a buddy who has a heart for the mission you’re supporting makes the game more meaningful. Golf tournaments are also a great way to introduce someone to a nonprofit you support. Know someone you think should get involved? Invite them to get to know the organization over a round of golf!

Save the Date!

The 2022 Swing Fore Kids Golf Tournament is Monday, August 8 at Lake Forest Country Club.