Bill smiles in front of sunflower field

Meet Bill, a long-time resident whose genuine friendliness leaves an impact on everyone around him. Bill’s journey with Community Living began when his grandmother introduced him to the organization. His grandmother was already familiar with Residential Services because Bill’s mother was a resident as well. Ever since Bill moved in, he has been brightening up our days. Stephanie, a Lead Medical Support Staff in residential, describes him as “very happy-go-lucky” and noted that he wakes up every morning with a smile on his face.

Bill is also connected with Community Living through Support Services for Adults and Adult Recreation. He enjoys socializing with his friends in the programs, the staff, and just about everyone he meets throughout the day. Bill says hello to everyone he passes, making friends wherever he goes. You will hear him saying, “You’re my friend” or “You’re my buddy,” Stephanie said. Bill participates in volunteer activities with the Mahon Center and always has a good time volunteering at Cardinals games on the Green Team. Bill and the team walk around the stadium and collect recyclables from the baseball fans. The manager of the program always looks forward to seeing Bill when he volunteers.

One of Bill’s greatest passions is his love for animals. It makes his day when staff bring their dogs to visit, and his library trips always include picking up a book about his furry friends. When Bill signs up for Adult Rec. outings, he jumps at the chance for any activity that involves animals, with a particular fondness for trips to places like the St. Louis Zoo, Grants Farm, and the Gentle Barn. These outings are extra special when he gets to see horses. Bill also enjoys spending quality time with his aunt Debbie. He looks forward to their lunch outings, and Debbie never fails to brighten his day by sending him a weekly card to say hi and check-in.

At home, Bill likes to lounge in the den and watch his favorite show, Heartland. He will also join the staff to work on a puzzle. Bill will never turn down a slice of pizza or a chance to listen to Elvis Presley. Apart from leisurely activities, Bill takes an active role in helping around the house, taking care of daily tasks like unloading the dishwasher, taking out the trash, and making his bed.