Bertha celebrated her birthday surrounded by her community! The staff at her house worked with the staff at the Lonning Center to plan a party. They brought cupcakes and ice cream to share with all of her friends at the Center. They also brought gifts for everyone! The Lonning Center’s two Support Coordinators, Nancy and Mary, have birthdays surrounding Bertha’s birthday.

Bertha and Iesha, a staff member who works in Bertha’s home, bought candy and went to see the latest Batman movie in theatres in honor of her birthday. Bertha loves working on art projects and says some of her favorite gifts this year were coloring books, markers, and paper. One of her paintings on canvas is hanging in Nancy’s office.

“She’s a good friend to everyone.”

While she’s at the Center, Bertha works on purposeful projects to give back to the community. She enjoys doing jobs like stuffing plastic eggs for local Easter egg hunts, making dog treats for Duo Dogs, and tagging clothes for Renewed Treasures. Nancy says, “Bertha is a joy to have at the Lonning Center. She’s a good friend to everyone.” In her free time, she enjoys coloring, going shopping, and spending time with her roommate, Shelly.