Independent Living Assistance (ILA) provides services to adults, 18 and older, who have a desire to live on their own. Services are individualized and one to eight hours of support per week is provided. We aim to have individuals living in a place of their choosing that they can afford and allows them community access.


Goals are chosen based on the needs of the individuals, some common ILA goals include:

  • Healthy Choices
  • Healthcare management
  • Affordable housing
  • Accessing the community
  • Financial planning
  • Education
  • Vacations and trips
  • Benefit management

Services are individualized depending on the goals of the individual. These are some of the ways ILA staff assist people in the program:

  • Meal planning, grocery shopping, learning cooking skills and increasing fitness levels.
  • Making and transporting to medical appointments and advocating for healthcare needs.
  • Housing resources including moving, finding roommates, and even buying a house.
  • Accessing the community for socialization, errands, leisure and more.
  • Financial planning including budgeting, learning how to write checks, paying bills, and online banking.
  • Furthering education by identifying resources, completing enrollment, tips for managing course work, and more.
  • Vacation and trip planning.
  • Benefit management with resources and access to social security, food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, dental and vision options.


Average Monthly Hours Served
People Living Independently