Super Heroes

By: Barb Griffith, President and CEO

Who is your favorite Super Hero? There are so many from which to choose … and they really seem to be timeless. Some of the Super Heroes that I grew up with (comic books) are the favorites of my grandsons (ages 4 and 6) today! The popular Super Heroes all share similar characteristics: flashy costumes that no one else wears; extraordinary, super-human powers; always saving the ‘good guys’ from the ‘bad guys;’ stay the same age forever; sometimes look just like you and I do, until it is time to do something that only a Super Hero can do.

However, there are true Super Heroes among us every day, all the time. They never have to get into costumes to be heroes. They are everywhere – unassuming, undetected, quietly and competently doing very human things, exhibiting their very human powers. For example: patience, humor, caring, integrity, courage, honesty, persistence, positive thinking, never giving up, smiling, cooperation, teaching, supporting – the list is endless!

I am referring to the Direct Support Professionals who work with individuals with developmental disabilities. Truly, exhibiting these very human powers consistently elevate Direct Support Professionals to Super Hero status in the hearts and minds of the many individuals with disabilities, and their families, that they serve!

There is a week in September when Direct Support Professionals are recognized nation-wide. There is also an awards ceremony in October, hosted by the Coalition of Service Providers and the Developmental Disabilities Resource Board of St. Charles County, in which Direct Support Professionals are recognized. But let’s not forget that these Super Heroes are always among us, every day! Thanks to these Direct Support Professionals and the very human powers they exhibit, lives are changing for the better … and even being saved!