Meet Lauren

Lauren Gelber has been a volunteer with Community Living for two years. She got involved by asking a friend, who works for Community Living, about volunteer opportunities and she has been a volunteer at every fundraising event since. In her own words …

Why do you volunteer with Community Living? “I volunteer in general because it’s important to me to give back to my community,” Lauren said. “You can make all the difference in the world to one person. Community Living is great because it’s in my local community and provides a wide array of services to families in my community. I’ve gotten a chance to talk to many parents that say they wouldn’t know what to do without Community Living. It’s a great organization and the people I’ve met along the way have been very inviting. Although it’s a growing organization, it still has a family feel to it.”

What are some of your favorite volunteer experiences at the fundraising events? “Meeting the other volunteers,” Lauren said. “Some of the volunteers are participants of Community Living and it’s awesome to meet them. Meeting parents that use the services provided by Community Living, and seeing them give back by volunteering, it’s an inspiration to me. There’s this part of me that thinks they have a little more responsibility as a parent, yet here they are finding the time to give back, it’s cool to witness.”

Do you have any advice to new or potential volunteers with Community Living? “We all, myself included, feel there’s not enough time in our day,” Lauren said. “But, if you can set a small amount of time aside to volunteer, even if it’s an hour per month, you can make a difference. The small stuff is sometimes more important than the big stuff.”

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