Meet Donna & Jeff

Community Living provides many services for individuals with disabilities, but for Jeff and Donna they found something else — Love.

The two met through Community Living’s Adult Recreation Services. Jeff has been a member since 1984 and is also a participant of Employment Services. Donna has been a member since 1997. Jeff enjoys bowling and Donna enjoys bowling and the drama club.

Both have proved many doctors wrong. Donna’s mother was told her daughter would never sit up, walk or talk. “Look at me now,” Donna said. “I’m walking, I’m talking and I’m sitting up and able to do things, such as work and sing.” Jeff was told he would never amount to much of anything. “But, I’m here and I’m working and bowling, making friends and just living life.”

And, they both participated in Special Olympics and it was on one of these trips they had a connection. The problem was Donna was dating someone else, so Jeff and Donna decided to be friends.

When the relationship Donna was originally in ended, she began to date Jeff. Unfortunately, their dating relationship had a rocky start, but after some time passed, Donna decided to give Jeff another chance.

Donna’s advice on love is simple. “You have to find the right person first,” she said. “Make sure that they love you for who you are. They have to accept you and you have to accept them.”

As for advice on life and love, Jeff doesn’t believe in the word ‘can’t.’ “Don’t ever sit there and say you can’t, whether you are trying to throw a ball or fall in love, because when you put your mind to it you can do anything you want,” he said.

With their family’s blessings, Jeff and Donna walked down the aisle, and on June 11, 2015, Jeff and Donna celebrated 10 years of marriage! They both agree their love is no different than anyone else’s love.