Meet Kristen

Kristen Chac has been a volunteer with Community Living since 2010. She heard about the Employment Services program through the Adult Life Preparation Program at St. Charles Community College, and she has been a participant of Employment Services since 2013. In her own words …

Why do you volunteer with Community Living? “I like to help people out,” Kristen said. “I want to help raise awareness about Community Living and the services it provides to people with developmental disabilities. Community Living is a great organization.

“Plus, I get a night out with my dad. It’s our special time together.”

What are some of your favorite volunteer experiences at the fundraising events? “Meeting new people,” Kristen said. “Not just the other volunteers, but the people attending the fundraising event.

“The Quarter Auction and Trivia Night are two of my favorite events.”

Do you have any advice to new or potential volunteers with Community Living? “It’s nice to connect with the organization,” Kristen said. “You can listen to the stories of other families and make a connection that way, or you can have someone to connect to and help them by staying by their side.”

If you’re interested in volunteering, sign up today.