Meet Sam

For some art is just a mandatory extracurricular class in school. Some dislike it and others like it. Some can’t wait for it to be over and others are artists in the making.

For Sam, art is everything to him. “Art is relaxing,” he said. “It eases my strain.” He believes everyone has a little art in them.

Sam’s favorite subjects are science and art. During school breaks and summer, he attends Community Living’s Social Opportunities and Recreation program.

“My favorite time at camp is when I can spend time in the art room working on projects,” Sam said. “I can get really creative in there because some of the supplies are limited, so I have to visualize the subject more and use what’s available to me.”

Sam uses art as a way to express himself. “Feelings can be expressed in many ways,” he said. “Art helps me let out energy. Art is a way of life,” Sam said.

He’s done some of his best artwork at camp. Gerald Ledford, SOAR Manager, wanted some artwork for his office. “I was talking to Sam one day and I mentioned how I have a blank bulletin board in my office,” Gerald said. “Sam’s eyes lit up and said, ‘I’d love to make you something.’ In just a few days I had this beautiful piece of art to hang up in my office.”

His inspiration for Gerald’s office artwork came from a cover of a piano song book. “It had an island, the ocean and the sun,” Sam said. “I knew I wanted to recreate the beauty of the ocean and sun.”

Some of Sam’s other favorite things at camp are when reptiles or animals are involved. He also enjoys swimming. “I love the water,” he said. Nature is Sam’s favorite subject to draw or paint. “Nature is beautiful and it’s all around us,” Sam said.

Sam wants to be a Field Marine Biologist, working with reptiles and fish, when he grows up. He also plans to keep art as a hobby. “Art is in writing, it’s in a person’s personality, it’s everywhere,” Sam said.