What do you DO?

By: Barb Griffith, President and CEO

So often, we are identified by what we do, where we work. When being introduced to someone, usually the next question asked is, “What do you do?” Simply being a fellow human being in the same place as this new acquaintance in our life is just not enough. We want to know more to help us define some type of context that will assist us in communicating, finding common ground, or, in some cases, put people in their ‘box.’

We definitely all want to answer the question, “What do you do?” with our most strength-based characteristics:

  • I work for __X__ company
  • I am a volunteer for __X__ cause/agency
  • I am a triathlete
  • I own a restaurant
  • I am a musician

Everyone has qualities, activities, gifts, and purposes in life that they are proud of and want to share. It is so important that we help the individuals we serve to identify and be able to share these qualities when introducing and defining themselves. We must intentionally continue to offer, teach, and facilitate strength/skill building opportunities.

Working and/or contributing in our culture is very highly valued and is usually used to define who we are. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience that “this is what I do” feeling. We know that not only can everyone contribute and do something, but that they want and highly value contributing and making a positive difference. It is a huge part of discovering and defining who we are.

Let’s make sure that everyone we serve will have awesome and amazing answers to “What do you do?”