Meet Bob

Bob Pfeiffer has been a volunteer with Community Living’s Adult Recreation Services program since 2009. His son, Chris, is a member of the program, and Bob likes to watch and see his son’s involvement. In his own words:

Why do you volunteer with Community Living? “My motivation to get involved was my son,” Bob said. “I also like to get to know people and observe the activities going on in this program. I enjoy being around everyone. They are so fun. They don’t care who you are or what you look like — they just want to have fun.

“For me, Community Living was a natural fit for me to volunteer. I enjoy the interaction with the members, who are the core. They are more similar than dissimilar and each one has their own unique qualities. And, everyone has fun! Tip of the hat to the staff.”

What are some of your favorite events to volunteer on? “I’m not sure there is a favorite event,” Bob said. “But I can say from a volunteer standpoint, you can plug in to the organization and the community. Plus, you get to volunteer with some really cool people.”

Do you have any advice to new or potential volunteers with Community Living? “The success of the volunteer is based on the organization and how it is set up for success,” Bob said. “Community Living gives the structure to succeed. The staff is professional and gives corrective advice when necessary, and they are a huge support group for the volunteers. The experience is not helter-skelter, instead it is organized and the goal is clear. It’s an enjoyable experience. And, the ultimate is working with the members, and watching them succeed in a safe and supportive environment.”

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