Meet Amanda

For Amanda, going to the St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre to volunteer turned into something bigger.

“Amanda is always willing to do things for me,” Cindy DuBois, Cultural Arts Leader, said. “She lights up the art center when she is here.”

On this particular day, Cindy asked Amanda to draw a still life work of art and self-portrait as a visual example for the “Art Through the Eyes of Youth” exhibit sponsored by Lowe’s. The examples Amanda made were for the children’s art class to get inspiration. After the children created their artwork, adult artists were asked to view the pieces and reinterpret the piece with their own style. However, Amanda’s pieces were left out to view and two artists and one poet were inspired by her artwork.

“My favorite color is pink,” Amanda said. “And, I like spring.” (Which is only fitting since her birthday is the first day of spring!)

Carole Weis and Elaine Lawson were inspired by Amanda’s spring-like artwork, with a rainbow, flowers, birds and trees. Marcia Gaye was inspired by Amanda’s self-portrait and wrote a poem titled, “Indigo Eyes.”

“This was a special day for Amanda,” Jan, Amanda’s mom, said.

Update (January 5, 2016): In 2014, Amanda’s volunteer job at the St. Peters Cultural Arts Center ended. However, she has stayed busy with volunteering for Meals on Wheels and the St. Charles City-County Library. In 2015, she was offered a job at Bliss Salon in St. Peters where she works Tuesdays and Fridays.

In her spare time, she still enjoys drawing. “Once she finishes the library folders, she pulls out the drawing materials and goes at it,” Jessica Cain, Manager at Mahon Center, said.