Our Staff…Our Heroes!

This year, during National Direct Support Professional Recognition Week, September 10 – 16, we celebrated our “super heroes”, direct support staff, because we couldn’t do it without them!

At the Judy Mahon & Marian Lonning Support Centers for Adults, support staff were given special treats each day from the center managers with thankful messages on them, in addition to a banner that hung outside the building, showcasing all the amazing support staff that work at both centers. The clients’ families even dropped by little surprises throughout the week, such as flowers, pizza and sodas to brighten the day of the hard working support staff. Jessica Cain, Manager of the Mahon Center said that her staff was over the moon with the sweet treats that parents brought in to thank them for their hard work. “I see my staff working selflessly and tirelessly every day because they love what they do and the individuals they work for. I can thank them each day but when the extra effort is made to show appreciation, it has a greater effect. It definitely boosts morale and makes everyone love what they do even more, especially on the less than great days.”

The SOAR (Social Opportunities and Recreation) support staff received a special surprise each day if they dressed up in costume to match the theme of the day. Bryan Straham, a residential manager, put together “survival kits” for his support staff that included rubber bands for their “flexibility,” safety pins because they help “hold everything together” and mints for the times they need to “keep their cool.”  Our staff is more than a group of co-workers; we’re a team that can accomplish anything if we work together. Help us continue to celebrate our dedicated support staff all year round. It’s as simple as saying “thank you.”