Yoga for Everyone

In July, Community Living’s Adult Recreation program began incorporating Inclusive Programming into their monthly activities schedule. The first inclusive activity was yoga, taught by certified yoga instructor Carly, who believes people with all abilities, should be together.

After back pain slowed Carly down, she started participating in yoga. “I found my strength through it and it’s helped me physically,” Carly said. “I also found a lot of peace through it and I enjoy sharing that with others.”

Members of Adult Recreation, as well as members of the community, came together to participate in yoga. Elizabeth and Kristen, two members of Adult Recreation, like the idea of inclusiveness as they can learn from others. “The inclusiveness gives me a chance to learn, but there are also opportunities for community members, as these opportunities teach them that all people want to have fun in life,” Kristen said.

As far as the class, it was no different than other yoga classes offered in the community. “The most interesting part was how she (Carly) modified it,” Tori Spain, member of the community, said. “I’ve been to other classes where they will have an easier version, but this was modified and it still moved at a really good pace. I even learned new things in this class.”

Everyone was able to participate on their own level. “Even those who are doing modified poses are still getting the same workout,” Carly said. “I’ll give different cues to people’s different ability levels, but whatever they are doing adaptive-wise gives them the same effect as someone doing the full movement.”

At the end of the class, Carly enjoys spending time with the participants and hearing how relaxed they feel. “It’s really fun,” Carly said. “People should come to the class to find out.”

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Photo: Carly, certified yoga instructor, helps position Jesse during yoga class.