Valued Friendships

Students at Sacred Heart Academy in St. Charles enjoyed giving back by volunteering their time during the 2016-17 school year at the Clever Center, one of the four Support Services for Adults centers.

As volunteers, they helped participants make homemade paper, which is then turned into homemade greeting cards. On occasion, they help participants with crafts and games, decorate the center for an upcoming holiday, but most of all they built friendships.

“The Academy of the Sacred Heart’s students’ relationship with Community Living is an integral aspect of our educational mission,” Maureen Glavin, Head of School, said. “It is not only important for our students to learn how to serve and give, but it’s equally important for our students to learn how to value all relationships and be able to learn through every relationship. In this light, our students’ interaction with Community Living’s participants is as beneficial to each child’s own growth and development as we hope our students’ interaction might be helpful to the participants of Community Living. As such, the Academy of the Sacred Heart is deeply grateful to Community Living! We value and appreciate the partnership.”

On May 15, participants from the Clever Center were invited to Sacred Heart Academy’s Mission Day. The event, hosted at the school, offers games and activities for students and guests. Event goers were encouraged to purchase tickets to participate. The money raised is then distributed to various charities chosen by the students at Sacred Heart Academy.

“Our participants enjoyed themselves at the Mission Day event,” Christy Jacquemin, Community Living’s Support Coordinator, said. “The participants were welcomed from the beginning and it was a neat experience for them to see the volunteers who come (to the Clever Center) be escorted around to the different games and activities by the students.”

Overall, the partnership between Sacred Heart Academy and Community Living is valued by all involved. “The volunteer opportunity is a great way for the volunteers from Sacred Heart Academy to learn and understand that people are just different; not less because of some of their challenges, and for our participants to meet and socialize with other people outside of their circle in a safe environment,” Christy said.