Facilities Manager

The Facilities Manager is responsible for the oversight of all property associated with Community Living, Inc. Properties include all owned or leased by Community Living, Inc. and its customers, as well as the vehicle fleet. The Facilities Manager acts as a liaison with funders and landlords regarding property maintenance. The Facilities Manager is involved in all aspects of maintenance and repair, security, janitorial services, snow removal, lawn care and any other facility issues that may arise.


  • Oversees modifications, maintenance and repair work on properties and vehicles.
  • Responds to tenant/staff requests in a timely manner, generates work orders directed to vendors and follows up with tenants/staff to ensure the satisfactory resolution of all issues.
  • Responsible for all Vendor and Contractor coordination with all properties and vehicles owned or leased by Community Living, Inc. and communicates with management at each property as needed.
  • Acts as the general manager for sub-contractors on large projects.
  • Ensures that there is 24 hour emergency coverage for the properties at all times.
  • Conduct monthly inspections of the property and tenant spaces to ensure compliance with leases and the proper upkeep of the property.
  • Ensure that property files are properly maintained and kept up to date.
  • Participates in safety and maintenance committees as required.
  • Investigates vehicle accidents and coordinates insurance claims.
  • Coordinates snow removal, lawn and landscaping care at all properties owned or leased by Community Living, Inc.
  • Assist with the establishment and oversite of the Property Management and Preservation Plan, Preventative Maintenance Policies and Procedures.
  • Ensures long-term maintenance is planned, coordinated and budgeted.
  • Leads in the production of monthly, quarterly and annual reports, including property condition statements, project/repair progress and vendor RFP’s.
  • Maintains a current contact list and other needed databases.
  • Maintain adequate inventory of all assets and contact all vendors when maintenance is required.
  • Coordinate regular inventories of all business property/assets.
  • Generate and track work orders, approvals and distribution.
  • Sort, code and ensure accuracy and compliance with contracts of all property related invoices.
  • Provides detailed verification of all invoice amounts and information with approved work orders or contracts.
  • Ensure property coding on invoices.
  • Obtain estimates/bids for repairs at the properties.
  • Responsible for the complete oversite of the Community Living, Inc. vehicle fleet, including vehicle inventory by location, maintenance and cleanliness.
  • Leads Community Living, Inc. MODOT Transit Grant requests.
  • Works with Administration to insure compliance with MODOT Transit Grant Requirements Compliance and Performance Reviews.
  • Works with the Director of Human Resources to insure compliance with MODOT Section 5310 Compliance and Performance Review.
  • Performs other incidental and related duties as required and assigned.


  • College, technical/vocational education is desirable.
  • Minimum of five years’ experience in property management and/or moderately difficult maintenance responsibilities.
  • Possess sound oral and written communication skills as well as decision making skills.
  • Possess excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to interact effectively with employees and management at all levels of Community Living, Inc.
  • Possess the ability to write reports, business correspondence and procedure manuals.
  • Must possess computer skills that include the ability to navigate and use email and Microsoft office.


  • Valid Driver’s License and car insurance is required.
  • HVAC Certification desired but not required.


  • Moderate Work – Exerts up to 50lbs force occasionally and 20lbs frequently. Standing, sitting, reaching, typing and walking are common.


  • Pre-employment drug test
  • Pre-employment drug test
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Missouri Family Care Safety Registry Check

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