Direct Support Staff are Priceless!

Help wanted! Now hiring! Open hours! Jobs available! We Want YOU! Immediate openings! Job Fair Today! On-the-spot Interviews! Vacancies!

These signs can be seen everywhere in our community. They are signs of the times. It seems as though everyone who wants to work has a job – which is really good news, EXCEPT for the fact that there is a critical shortage of direct care workers to meet the needs of individuals who need support. It is a critical issue not only for Community Living, but for other organizations who serve individuals with disabilities, who are aging, who need medical care, or simply a bit of assistance to live their life.

Providing direct assistance for vulnerable people is definitely not an “unskilled” position. Typical skills and talents needed are compassion, patience, tolerance and empathy. The ability to listen and communicate effectively, as well as organizational skills is essential. This job affords a high degree of satisfaction and the ability to make a significant positive difference in someone’s life.

Unfortunately, this job/career is “under the radar” and doesn’t’ get the recognition, respect or attention it deserves. High-quality direct support workers are priceless!

The demand for direct support staff is growing faster than the supply. It is not a job that can, or ever will be, outsourced to a foreign country. Working with people is an invaluable experience no matter what career path or industry one aspires to. It is job experience that looks great on a resume!

There is career potential whether or not you stay in this field as a direct support professional, or use the position as a stepping stone to earn extra cash while in school, or to fill some time while your kids are in school, or after retiring from another career!

Community Living has something for everyone. Hours are available day, night, weekdays, weekends, part time, full time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. “We’re Hiring!!” If you or anyone you know might want to try this profession or just want to pick up a few hours here and there, we have a position available. Check out our employment opportunities for more information.