Soaring Scout

An Eagle Scout is the highest achievement attainable in the Boy Scout program, and Blake Hilker is on his way to achieving this merit.

When Blake was determining what to do for his Eagle Scout project, he asked Jessica Cain, Manager at the Mahon Center, one of the four Support Services for Adults centers, if there was anything he could do for the center. “She told me they needed benches for when they do fire drills,” Blake said. “When they go outside, there is no place for the participants to sit, so some of them will sit on the ground.”

With this news, Blake decided to make benches for the center. He also thought about his cousin, Joe, who is a participant at the Mahon Center. He wanted to dedicate the benches in Joe’s honor.

Blake made two benches for the grassy area in the front of the building. The benches now give the participants a place to sit with a sturdy back. “It feels nice to help people in general, but sometimes I think people with disabilities get over looked,” Blake said. “In this case, it was special to me because I got to help not only my cousin but his friends, too.”

Not only will the benches be beneficial for the Mahon Center, but also for participants at the Lonning Center, since the two centers share a building. “If there is any opportunity you get to help others, you should do it,” Blake said. “It’s such a great feeling.”

Blake will soon go through a review process to determine if he will receive his Eagle Scout rank. If he does, he will be in the four percent of Boy Scouts who are granted this rank. We think he’s well on his way!

Photo: Blake and his cousin, Joe, a participant at the Mahon Center, sit on the bench Blake made for his Eagle Scout project.