Meet Bob

A sports enthusiast is someone who is really passionate and excited about sports. Bob, a member of the Adult Recreation Services program since 2000, is a true sports enthusiast. “Through these years, he has played every sport the Adult Recreation program has offered,” Kelli Masiakiewicz, Recreation Leader, said.

Bob has had back-to-back sports-related successes. Bob was awarded the Overall Athlete of the Year award at Community Living’s Adult Recreation Sports Banquet. “It was a great surprise,” Evelyn Dixon, Bob’s mom, said. And, he won gold in bowling during a Special Olympics competition.

He also participates in Special Olympics for Bocce Ball, but his favorite sport is softball. “This gentle giant has shown great effort in every sport he participates in,” Kelli said. “He does not get frustrated and is very encouraging to his teammates.”

This natural athlete says sports are everything to him. “Playing sports is a lot of fun,” Bob said. Not only does he get to play, but he is also making many friends. His friends were very excited for Bob and continued to congratulate him throughout the night of the Sports Banquet.

His teammates and coaches know Bob is a hard worker. “He is always ready to play when he’s needed and he gives it his all in any sport he plays,” Kelli said.

For Bob, the Adult Recreation program keeps him busy. “He looks forward to every sporting event,” Evelyn said. “He really enjoys it. Plus, it has really brought him out of his shell. Before joining (Adult Recreation Services), Bob wouldn’t talk much, but now he talks to everyone.”

He can’t wait to tell everyone about his award. “I’m going to put the award in a special place,” Bob said.

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