Community Living, Inc. Launches Rebranding Effort

Initiative is designed to build awareness of the organization’s commitment to providing innovative and compassionate services and opportunities to people with disabilities

Community Living, Inc., a premier provider of programs and services for people with disabilities in St. Charles County, recently unveiled the results of a year-long rebranding initiative, which features a new mission statement, new vision statement, new organizational tagline and a newly redesigned website. Through the rebranding, Community Living is working to raise public awareness of the services provided by the organization and the impact of its services, more effectively tell its clients’ stories and create a more specific, cohesive visual look across all of its marketing materials.

Community Living’s decision to go through the rebranding process was based on direct input received during a discovery session with Community Living staff, board members and families using the organization’s services. The session revealed several key findings, including the need for a more centralized brand; the need to build organizational awareness while also making those being served feel like they are part of the organizational community; the need for more frequent sharing of clients’ stories and the need to better demonstrate the joy experienced by both Community Living staff members and the clients they serve.

“Our new brand identity is based on extensive feedback from colleagues, families and stakeholders,” said Barb Griffith, President and CEO of Community Living, Inc. “The brand we have created really compliments our values of compassion, leadership and integrity, while also embracing the family friendly nature of our organization.”

During the rebranding process, the wording of Community Living’s mission and vision statements and organization tagline were all updated to better reflect the essence of the organization and more clearly tell its story. The updated mission now notes that “Community Living is committed to excellence and compassion in providing innovative services and opportunities for people with disabilities.” Meanwhile, the vision statement has been revised to state that “We envision a community where all people lead fulfilling lives”, and the new organizational tagline is “People with disabilities achieving their highest potential”. In addition, Community Living has eliminated the “CLI” abbreviation from all written and spoken dialogue.

Community Living’s completely redesigned website is a key part of the organization’s overall rebranding effort. With a new web address at, the new site features a more user-friendly design that utilizes clean, sophisticated fonts and a brighter color palette.

Other highlights of the site include bright, homepage color tabs, featuring in-depth information about the services Community Living provides; an “Our Stories” section on the homepage, linking to profiles on individuals Community Living serves; and an “Education” tab which provides specifics on Community Living’s Individualized Support Plans and gives access to an events calendar and provides useful information on developmental disabilities and the use of “people-first language.” The new website has also been mobile-optimized, allowing for easy viewing on mobile devices.

“We’re very proud of our new brand identity,” noted Griffith. “All of the elements of this rebranding have combined cohesively and consistently to help build awareness of our organization and the many ways we serve individuals with developmental disabilities in our community.”