Meet Christina

For the second year in a row, a female was awarded the Overall Athlete of the Year at Community Living’s Adult Recreation Sports Banquet. And, this made Christina, member of Adult Recreation Services since 2000, very happy. “I worked so hard all year,” Christina said.

The hard work paid off for Christina, but it’s also her positive attitude that helped in the decision making process. “Christina has shown great effort in every sport she has participated in,” Diana Regino, Recreation Leader, said. “She does not get frustrated and is very encouraging to her teammates.”

Her roommates from St. Louis Life were there to cheer for her. There were hugs and high fives from both Susie S. and Zack W. “Way to go, Christina,” could be heard from the audience.

The award has many meanings for Christina, but the biggest meaning is how great she really is doing. She participates in basketball, softball, bocce ball, dartball and bowling. Don’t ask her for a favorite, because she likes them all. “I love playing all sports,” Christina said. “I also like watching sports, but I’d rather play.”

From her introduction, Christina is always ready to play when she is needed and gives her all when she plays. It was no surprise when she participated in Special Olympics and walked away with a gold medal. “This program has given me the opportunity to participate in sports,” Christina said. “I’m having so much fun.”

She cannot wait to show her family the award, and then she plans on hanging it up on her bedroom wall. “It will be my reminder to continue my sportsmanship ways,” Christina said.