Meet Paul

Paul Horrell has been a volunteer with Community Living’s Adult Recreation program since November 2014. His son, Nick, is a member of Adult Recreation Services, and Paul tries to volunteer at each event his son attends. He was also awarded the Volunteer of the Year award at the 2015 Adult Recreation Sports Banquet. In his own words …

Why do you volunteer with Community Living? “Community Living is a great organization,” Paul said. “When my son became a member of the Adult Recreation program, I would take him to the event and then I would just wait around until it was over. I thought I could better utilize my time and start volunteering at the events. I really enjoy working with the staff and the members. It’s a great group.”

What are some of your favorite volunteer experiences? “They are all so fun,” Paul said. “But, I enjoy the dances. They (Adult Recreation members) have a lot of fun. Seeing them have fun is what it is all about. If I can enhance their experience in any way, then I have done my job.”

Do you have any advice to new or potential volunteers with Community Living?
“There’s no work involved,” Paul said. “It’s being there for the members, whether you’re handing out sodas, sandwiches or just talking to them. It’s just being there and making sure they’re having fun.

The staff is amazing. Seeing what they do for the members is incredible. It’s a fantastic organization. I would love to spend more time volunteering if I could.”

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