A Community Coming Together

It takes a community… to truly enrich each of our lives. I’m suggesting that we expand upon the “It takes a village” concept to the broader community! The online dictionary defines community as, “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals which includes joint ownership and/or liability.”

One of the primary focuses of Community Living, Inc. is to teach, encourage and support individuals to be actively involved in their community. It is true that the people we serve do rely on others for some supports. But, don’t we all?

Community Living as an organization that absolutely relies on the support of the community at large. However, the community can also rely upon our organization, and the individuals we serve, to be good neighbors, citizens, volunteers, consumers, employers, employees, supporters, and friends. We need each other! Community is embedded in all we do. We envision a community where all people lead fulfilling lives is our new vision statement. Providing innovative services and opportunities to people with disabilities will enrich the lives of everyone in the community! Community Living is very proud and lucky to be an integral part of the St. Charles County community.

“Isolation from community life is the worst disability.” — John McKnight