Meet Regina

Regina, member of Adult Recreation Services since 2011, is an athlete in every sense of the word. Not only does she work hard at the sport she is playing, but she encourages her teammates.

At Community Living’s 2014 Sports Awards Banquet, Regina was presented the Overall Athlete Award. “I was very surprised and happy to receive this award,” Regina said. “It means a lot to me.”

Her parents, James and Cherie Montgomery were there to cheer for her. “This was an exciting night for Regina,” James said. “We are very proud of her.”

This is not the first time Regina has won an award at the banquet. In 2012, she won the Outstanding Achievement for Softball. In both cases, she was not expecting to win. “I just get out there and enjoy the sport,” Regina said. “I’m not expecting an award, but it’s neat to win.”

She enjoys trying new things. Her three main sports are basketball, softball and bowling. Regina has tried skiing, but decided it was not something she wanted to pursue. “I enjoyed the challenge of skiing, but I decided to focus on my three main sports,” she said.

As much as she enjoys playing, she also enjoys going to sporting events. “She signs up for every sporting event that we have tickets for,” Jodi Darrohn, Director of Adult Recreation Services, said. “She loves sports and she excels at each one she plays. She’s eager to learn and she’s the leader of whatever team she is on.”

When she is not playing or watching sports, you will find her working at BCI. It was here she learned about Community Living’s Adult Recreation Services. “So many people I work with attend the activities and I was excited to join,” Regina said.