Meet Maggie

Maggie Guilkey has been a volunteer since 2012. She volunteers with Community Living’s Development Department for the fundraising events. Her niece, Heidi, is a member of Adult Recreation Services, and Maggie wanted to give her time to an organization that does so many things for her niece. In her own words:

Why do you volunteer with Community Living? “So many people at Community Living do so many things for my family, and I thought the least I could do is volunteer,” Maggie said. “Without Community Living, Heidi wouldn’t have a social life.

“I knew the Adult Recreation events would not work for me. One day I saw volunteers were needed to be wine servers at the Legacy Ball. Well, I like wine and I thought I could do that volunteer job. It fit into my schedule, so I signed up.”

What are some of your favorite volunteer experiences at the fundraising events? “I enjoy meeting other people and hearing their stories. It’s a great way to interact with other families and it’s a wonderful support system. At a trivia night event, I met a new friend for Heidi. They have attended the Katy Perry concert together and have been swimming.”

Do you have any advice to new or potential volunteers with Community Living? “To me, the only things that matter in life are the things we do for others. The volunteer opportunities at Community Living are endless, especially with Adult Recreation, but if that doesn’t work with your schedule, there are the fundraising events. Plus, the volunteers get to go to the events and experience the community in a different way. You may have the opportunity to do things you normally would not do.”

If you’re interested in volunteering, sign up today.